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              不卡的av网站 The Nanning chemical industry hold danger especially big accident-Nanning Chemical Group Co.,Ltd.
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              The Nanning chemical industry hold danger especially big accident



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                South September 23 the 9 AM of 30 minute, the Nanning chemical industry joint-stock company (next is called) in emits the billow ingthick smoke, the incisive police whistle sound resounds through the
              entire factory district along with it, several wear the gas mask the
              worker mutually supports runs to the safety zone, the company
              emergency recovery squadron receives reported: Chlorine alkali factory
              chlorine processes the workshop liquid chlorine post 2 liquid chlorine
              storage tanks to import the pipeline suddenly to occur ruptures,
              causes the massive chlorine to divulge, creates produces the scene
              nearly 15 staff to be poisoned, of unknown whereabouts, the situation
              is critical. After south meets the police to start the emergency
              predetermined plan immediately, launches the rescue work... ... Melts
              the stock with first several Lingnan to have the pipeline to explode
              differently, this "the detonation" is the dangerous chemical
              especially big accident emergency recovery which Nanning An Jianju
              carefully plans trains. Trains in this emergency recovery, after the
              accident occurs, south promptly reports to the police, the linkage
              center rapid place police, 110, 120, 122 and 119 and so on the rescue
              team very quick then rushes to the accident scene, the entire
              emergency rescue process, is intense but orderly busy but is not
              chaotic, regardless of is the scene cloth controls, the security, the
              transportation unblocks, the casualty treats and cures, pollution
              monitoring, or the scene seals off, the emergency direction, all
              accurately arrived, has formed the scene rescue, the signal
              communications, the information transmission, the logistics support
              and so on the complete coordinated system, basically has met the
              especially big accident emergency recovery work requirements. It is
              reported, the Nanning arrangement "two meets" front to hold this
              danger especially big accident emergency recovery to train has
              pointed, this time trains is for the purpose of the perfect city
              emergency recovery safeguard system, further enhances Nanning to be
              supposed arise suddenly the accident to each kind the emergency

                Original author: Li Changning originates: New cassiabarktree net -
              present age Life newspaper



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